Front Garden Rejuvenation Project

This property had very overgrown border shrubs and neglected front beds. The clients wanted a neat, somewhat formal, front garden that was tidy and fresh looking.  In particular, they wanted to ensure the shrubs below the picture window by the walkway, would not grow so high.

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Design Process:

  • Most of the existing plants were removed except for a few key shrubs for structure.  Retaining some mature shrubs allowed for important structure in key places and avoided the need for additional purchases of large plant material. This also allowed for immediate fullness that is unusual for a completely new garden.
  • The bed to the right of the front door was extended to balance the composition of the plantings across the entire front of the house. Initially the plantings were left-side heavy. With the bed extension and the addition of an ornamental tree, the new design is pleasing, plus it screens of some air conditioning units on the far side of the house.
  • Plants were chosen to meet the conditions of the site and the homeowner.  Shade tolerant plants were selected for the north facing beds that received only partial sun.  In addition, the client did not want to spend too much time tending the garden so many low maintenance shrubs were installed.  Consideration was taken to make sure the mature plants would not take over the border as had previously occurred.