Design Process

Creating a great landscape starts with solid design.  We use a structured process that results in a comprehensive design.

At the completion of the design phase you will have all the specifications needed to bring the job to life.


Initial Consultation – This first visit allows for an exchange of information. You will have the opportunity to discuss what you are aiming to achieve. You can tell us your needs and preferences and we can suggest ideas and solutions. Following the meeting, an estimate will be provided showing costs for the design work required based on the project criteria.

Existing Conditions

Site Analysis and Survey – This involves documenting all the existing conditions by taking measurements, pictures and notes. The site analysis provides an opportunity for the designer to get a general “feel” for the space. We assess the the layout of the property and note features and any special characteristics it may have.
Note: Large or complex sites may need to be surveyed by an independent professional.

Design Proposal and Review

Conceptual ideas are set out in a basic structural plan. All the information that has been collected and ideas that have been formulated are synthesized to create an outline plan.  The outline plan shows the initial design ideas in a format that looks like a visual map, or “snap shot” of your property.
At the presentation of the design proposal, details of the plan will be discussed. After feedback and direction is received from you, revisions will be made and a final plan will be drawn up.

Detailed Plans and Specifications

Once the outline plan has been finalized the next step is to set out detailed plans for plants, structures, and special features. Plant choices will be made to complement the overall design and take into account your preferences and the property’s conditions. The plans will include placement instructions for the all the plant material for the project.

By the end of the Design phase you will be provided with all the specifications you need to bring the job to life.

Next Steps – Implementation of the Plan

Once the plans have been finalized they can be implemented several ways.  We work with landscape contractors who have the skills to implement the design. We gather estimates, schedule dates, and co-ordinate the work to ensure that the design is installed correctly.  Alternatively, you may want to work on your own or use your own contractor.