Steps in a Job

Steps include Defining, Designing, and Delivering


Determining the scope of the project and evaluating the existing site conditions.


Develop a creative plan that takes into account the needs, wishes, and preferences of the client


Implement the plan. This means getting the work done.  Generally this involves Dee Garden Designs working with experienced landscape contractors to see the project through.

Once the design phase is completed, we will coordinate reliable contractors and oversee the installation of the job. Projects can be implemented all at once or in phases over time. Dee Garden Designs maintains flexibility in how they help clients.  They will give as little or as much support as is required by the homeowners to reach their landscaping goals.

Dee Secor

Dee enjoys the challenges of garden projects. She likes working with clients to create beautiful, functional, and welcoming spaces. Dee also likes to teach along the way, and when doing the final review of projects she is happy to leave plant information and follow-up care instructions for the new gardens.